At the heart of AYLF is the dream that leaders in Africa will know how to reconcile relationships, speak the truth without being religious or divisive, see people without labels or stereotypes, and ultimately love each other and those whom they lead.

  • To know all the members of the group by name, status, contact and know there whereabouts on a monthly basis.
  • To coordinate information from the Country Coordination Office.
  • To educate members about the AYLF Vision, Work and Developments.
  • To mobilise members for the small group meetings.
  • To champion servant leadership in demonstrating the vision.
  • Organise weekly meetings and arrange for facilitation.
  • Lead members to a clear common mission and vision of the Organisation.
  • Monitor welfare of the students in our program and timely post accountabilities.
  • Report on a monthly basis to the country coordination office.
  • Encourage and motivate members to actively take up any leadership roles while at university or back in their communities.
  • Organise monthly community outreaches.
  • Representing AYLF in the organisation of the university guild community.
  • Perform any other duties that would be assigned from time to time by the Country Coordination Office.

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