At the heart of AYLF is the dream that leaders in Africa will know how to reconcile relationships, speak the truth without being religious or divisive, see people without labels or stereotypes, and ultimately love each other and those whom they lead.


Dear reader.

Welcome to our first edition of 2022.
In this issue we discuss the theme “Wounded Healers”. At AYLF, we have an army of close to 100
volunteers. If you add the committees that support our work in the 19 institutions of higher
learning, the number rises to 300.
It is this group of frontliners that go out every day to lead and serve as we seek to create a
transformed leadership culture in Africa. But this army faces a glaring reality every day, the
reality that “we are a wounded society”.
Our wounds are both external (visible) and internal, continuing to cut deeper by the day. We need
healing. Unfortunately, we seem not to run out of ways to hurt ourselves more. Our cultures,
biases, individual behavior and choices and the consequences of poor leadership keep us certain of
more wounds.
In order for this army of leaders to be relevant, they must help to heal the wounds of the
society which they seek to transform. And yet, they are not divorced from this society. They too
are carrying wounds and pains of their own. They have become wounded healers.
In this edition we share stories that will shed light on how they are able to heal while they too
need to be healed. The stories you read here will challenge you to acknowledge your woundedness
but most importantly to use it to heal someone else. We hope that the courage, sacrifice and reward
displayed throughout these pages will inspire to start or
continue to act as a wounded healer so that you too can find the healing you need.

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